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Attitude of Gratitude

Updated: Jan 16

Let’s face it, we all want to live our lives with more gratitude, but how can it really be done? Life is always 50/50, (50% comfortable and 50% uncomfortable) yet we sometimes seem to focus on the negative things that happen in life instead of the positive. Studies show that most humans think almost 60,000 thoughts per day. These studies also conclude that nearly 70% of these thoughts are negative, especially to those people with an unmanaged mind. We are likely to endure many stressors and hardships throughout our lives, but why do so many of us stay stuck in the trap of negativity, anxiety and worry? To many people, the stressors seem to overshadow our joys and triumphs. In short, culturally, we are quicker to get stuck in the negative instead of celebrating and rejoicing in the positive. 

In my work as a life coach and mindset motivator, I have found that practicing gratitude can have a positive impact on many aspects of your life including positive mental health and meaningful relationships. I teach my clients to unblock some of their fears and limiting beliefs and turn their obstacles into opportunities for growth. There are endless benefits of shifting your mindset to become more thankful. Here are some suggestions and ways to practice gratitude on a daily basis. 

Gratitude shifts your energy and starts to shift your thinking. It is the quickest way to turn your life into something that works for you instead of feeling trapped and overwhelmed. Regularly practicing gratitude helps shift your focus from what you lack to what you have. This change in perspective fosters a sense of abundance rather than scarcity, making you more open to recognizing and seizing opportunities. The more you practice it, the easier it gets and soon it becomes a part of who you are. Remember, you attract who and what you are and want to be.

Some ideas that you can easily implement into your 2024 habits and routines could be:

  • Keep a gratitude journal. This is probably not the first time you were told to keep a journal so here is something to keep in mind…be kind to yourself and be realistic. If you want to add journaling to your life, try not to be super restricting. Saying, “I will journal everyday” could be setting yourself up for failure. How about, “I want to begin a journaling practice so I will journal when and if it feels right.” Journaling authentically can help you get out of the mental beat down that you might have given yourself in the past when you skipped days or weeks because life gets busy. We may have good intentions but realistically it is very challenging to stick to something new everyday. If this is what stopped you in the past, journaling with the goal of, “when it feels right” may allow you to try something new without shame. Can you give it a try?

  • Write down a list of all of the things that you are grateful for. This list can include things that you can control and things that you can not. For example, I am grateful for my family, my kids, my dogs, my spouse…I am grateful for my home, for the ability to travel, being physically mobile and active…for air and food and nature…you can be as general or specific as you would like to and this list does not have to ever end…

  • Practice Positive Affirmations. Affirmations are words and sayings that we repeat out loud or in our own brains. They are powerful tools for reinforcing beliefs about your own abilities and worth. While these affirmations may seem false at first, repeating them daily can embed these beliefs into your subconscious, gradually changing how you perceive yourself and your capabilities, thus, allowing you to shift your reality. This will remind you of the infinite potential that lies within you. One system that I set in place is to literally wear my affirmations on my wrist. I make affirmation bracelets and they help me remember to say my affirmations. If you want to learn more or order your own, follow me on instagram @myaffirmationbracelets or click here to order your own. Proceeds from your bracelets go to our Cycle for Survival Team that helps to fund cancer research at MSKCC (Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center) 

  • Make it a habit to say, Thank you. Thank you to the sun for rising, Thank you for your pets for nudging you to pet them, Thank you to the rain for watering the grass and trees and flowers, Thank you to your friends and family for loving and supporting, Thank you for anything that you want. That is the magic, what or who can you thank today?

  • Celebrate Small Moments and Wins. Each week in my coaching practice I conclude our session with a question…Can you tell me about a win from this week and something that you want to work on? You would be amazed how this simple practice gives someone a moment to reflect on their growth and verbally celebrate their progress. It reminds me of the cliche, “Rome was not built in a day.” It may take weeks, months, even years to develop the skills for less self sabotage and more self love. Celebrating your weekly wins is one more example of something small that can make a huge difference. 

  • Compliment yourself and others as much as possible. When you look for the good, the good gets better. I am proud of myself for writing this piece and I am impressed that you read this far! Great Job;)


Remember, your mind is a superpower, and it can either help or hinder you. When you decide to focus your thoughts on joy and peace and look for the good in situations, your optimism will be boosted. People who focus on negative emotions and negative outcomes are destined to bring on more negativity. You are in charge! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by simply practicing gratitude and affirmations daily! 

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