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Do you want to feel more pride and purpose in your life? 

Learn how to think about your thoughts and manage your feelings?  Do you want to feel better and achieve your goals? If you answered yes to any of these questions, Self Soulmate Coaching is for you! Let's get started.

My name is Marnie Levy Smith. I am a certified life coach, a mentor, a mom, a wife, a daughter and a friend. I have experienced many personal challenges in my life and through my own coaching work, I have found peace beyond my pain.

I have embraced my personal story and learned how to turn my obstacles into opportunities. 
This is an inside job and I am here to help. 

Hello, I'm Marnie Levy Smith

At Self Soulmate Coaching, I am on a mission to help my clients create the life they want and deserve. I believe that everyone has the ability to create a life that is meaningful and fulfilling, and I'm passionate about helping people find and reach their full potential.

Definition of a Soulmate

A soulmate is not someone who completes you,  a soulmate is someone who encourages you to complete yourself. A soulmate understands and loves you despite any flaws because they don't define you by your flaws. A soulmate helps guide you to your true potential, your genuine self, because they recognize what an amazing person you already are. 


Unblock, uncover, and understand your personal fears and limiting beliefs that keep you stuck and hold you back.




Our brains are filters, constantly looking for evidence.

If we give our brains positive things to focus on, more positive thoughts will come to us. If we choose to look for negative things to focus on, more negative thoughts and feelings will appear.  What lense do you look through?

This is not your fault…most of us were never taught how to manage our minds or learn how to process emotions. We have limited coping skills, so we stuff our thoughts and feelings away or we overeat, over drink, over scroll, and overthink everything. We avoid any pain or discomfort and instead of trying to feel better we ignore our thoughts and feelings and pretend that they do not exist. This will perpetuate the problems and uncomfortable feelings will persist.

My goal as a life coach is to lead my clients to study themselves. We use tools like the TRIPLE AAA's, Awareness, Acceptance and Action. The truth is, when you learn how to think differently, your feelings change, and you begin to get better results.

That is why I developed my



Self Evaluation. Who are you?  Who do you want to be?


Learn how to turn your obstacles into opportunities and how to manage your mind.


Living the life that you love on purpose and with intention.

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Personalized coaching to fit your specific needs and goals
Other Services
Small Group Workshops

Small groups set up in person or virtually to discuss common issues and build community. I have worked with mom groups, bereavement groups, companies and private families to get to the heart of their issues and to help them move forward. Contact me to learn about current groups, pricing, or to set up a group of your own.


I will speak at your event or convention on a wide range of topics including but not limited to, Personal Growth and Self Care, Work Life Balance, Life After Death, Healing, and The Journey to Become Unstuck...

Please contact me for more information and pricing.


Get in Touch

If you're interested in life coaching and would like to get in touch with me, I'd love to hear from you! Book a Free 30 minute call to tell me more.

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Thank you for taking the first step to feeling better .

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